The jerky that 3099 have produces is by far hands down the best on the market. My wife and I are heavely addicted to the Smokey BBQ and the Chilli, my 4 kids are also addicted to the BBQ. Despite the product being so good the customer service that is provided by 3099 Jerky is amazing, prompt response and very helpful. Keep up the awesome work team and we will continue to support a great local business with an amazing product.

...Brendan Mcneilly

This jerky is the best I've ever had. Finally found one that is high in protein and low in sugar. my favourite is the Chili but salt and vinegar is next level.


Amazing jerky and outstanding service, Daniel I believe is the owner and you can tell he really cares about his product and his customers 👍 Will definitely and have been referring him onto friends and family keep up the great work 3099 Jerky, killing it and ill be back for more 💪💪💪😊😊😊

...Kevin Doyan

Without a doubt the best jerky! I was never a fan of jerky, but 3099 Jerky was a game changer. Their customer service is second to none and you can always count on a free laugh with the owners. A fantastic local and family run business. Highly recommend

...Ashlyn Dower

i’ve never been the biggest fan of jerky until trying this , but now i can NOT get enough of this jerky. and everyone who i have gotten to try it says it’s the best they have ever tasted as well. it’s incredible. also great customer service & overall a company i am beyond happy to support.

...brooke fiddian
Garlic Garlic Jerky

Best Jerky I have ever had, and I have tried a few, well done, you have a new fan !

Andrew Meloni
Teriyaki Best jerky within 6,500 km

Tasted over 6 different brands on a recent trip to central Australia & we couldn’t find a tastier jerky than 3099 jerky! Yum

Chilli Chilli Jerky

Was given a sample of the ChilliCayenne jerky and the spicey hit followed by the some flavour made this an awsome jerky

Scott Norris
Garlic Best jerky

Best jerky - so tender, perfectly executed. My kids love it and use it as a healthy protein packed snack before training.

Original Must try

If you haven't tried 3099 jerky yet you are missing out. Saw this at the local butcher and decided to give it a go. Glad i did as its amazing. Definatly reccomended you try some.

Salt & Vinegar Addictive

Figured id give it a go and was blown away by how well it worked. Some of the Best jerky ive had in a long time.

Original Original but good

This is a very good flavour has a nice salty taste too it it’s weird but if you suck on it more flavour comes out and you can taste the pepper

Garlic So good real garlic flavour

Taste like actual garlic it’s amazing

Garlic So good real garlic flavour

Taste like actual garlic it’s amazing

Teriyaki everything

this jerky is the best thing ever. I actually can't stop eating it.

Garlic garlic jerky

love the texture of the garlic jerky. once I start eating it I can't stop.

denika frost
Garlic garlic jerky

this is the best jerky I have ever had.

daniel hudson
Chilli A+

Best jerky I’ve ever eaten. 10/10!

Garlic Jerky

This is the best jerky, seriously try it is so worth it I am addicted !!

Heath mansfield
Salt & Vinegar Amazing!

Purchased some garlic, original and my most favourite salt and vinegar jerky from meat stock in Melbourne not long ago. Hands down the best jerky I have ever purchased. It’s literally so hard to stop eating it. Extremely tasty and addictive. Will definitely purchase more as we have almost eaten an entire kilo already! Highly recommend 😊