Our story


You've tried the rest now try the best.
Our customers say it's the best jerky they have ever eaten.

Our jerky is made using only the best and minimal ingredients and 100% Australian grass fed beef. None of our meat has been frozen and is sliced fresh, marinated for 24 hours then dried. once it's cooled down it's goes straight into bags for maximum freshness.

We don't use any fillers, no artificial colours or flavours, no preservatives, no msg and is all natural. Our jerky is high in protein and almost has no sugar


3099 Jerky was started by Daniel, who owns a small butcher shop in Melbourne and has a passion for everything meat. After years of experimenting and giving customers free taste tests, the original flavour was born. Once many tasters told Daniel that it was the best jerky they have ever had, 3099 Jerky turned into a serious business.

The flavour experimentation got more serious new flavours being trialed contstantly. Daniel and his son have many allergies and he knows how important it is to eat good food. Hence the jerky being all natural and having minimal ingredients..

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